Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts

Let these creative writing prompts inspire a love of storytelling in honor of Valentine’s Day!

  1. Rename every piece of candy in a Valentine box. Describe the flavors and textures.
  2. You buy a box of Valentine candy to give as a gift, but you spill it and have no time to replace the gift. Hurriedly, you search for something else to place inside the box. Describe what you fill it with and how the recipient reacts upon opening the gift.
  3. Write a love letter to someone special, such as your Mom, sibling, pet or best friend.
  4. Write a poem where every line starts with the letters that spell Valentine, Heart or Love.
  5. Write a short story titled, The Mystery of the Secret Admirer.
  6. Tell about three Valentine gifts you might give to your arch-nemesis.
  7. Who would you most like to spend Valentine’s Day with and why?
  8. Write a review of your favorite love story (from a book or movie).
  9. Imagine you own a restaurant. Come up with a Valentine’s Day menu. List the names of your dishes along with descriptions that fit the Valentine theme.
  10. Someone gives you a heart-shaped trinket box that can only hold your most treasured item. What will you keep in it and what makes that item so special?

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