T’was the Month of December


T’was the month of December and all through our homeschool

Not a creature was thinking that learning is cool

Mom piled the books on the shelf over there

In the hopes that somebody, somehow might care

The children were nestled all snug in their beds

Alarm clocks had officially been pronounced dead


And Mama she lingered over coffee and facebook

Hoping for courage to get up and go look

In the kitchen where yesterday cookies they baked

Oh what a fine mess they surely did make!

The baking had lasted late into the night

The counters were coated, a blanket of white!

Sugar and flour spread everywhere

Mom hoped that a housekeeper soon would be there


The children un-nestled soon came down the stairs

Cookies for breakfast seems only fair!

Then away to the laptop, she flew oh so quick

And just took an instant to load up Netflix

For the kitchen won’t wait for schoolwork today

A handy documentary for them she would play!

But soon from the couch, there arose such a clatter

She ran to the room to see what was the matter


“Awww, come on on, Mom, stop this lame science show!

We must find the elf on the shelf don’t ya know?

And advent calendars need their updating

And please can’t we do just a little ice skating?

School’s boring, Mom, when lessons compete

With Santa and reindeer and holiday treats

It’s hard to focus on fractions and spelling

With Christmas lights blinking all through this dwelling!

We promise tomorrow we’ll do twice as much

Of math and grammar and reading and such

If you’ll just let us have one more day

To enjoy the spirit of this holiday!”


And so Mama relented, she just plain gave up

And dumped a third helping of caffeine in her cup

She sent them away to house parts unknown

Said, It’s okay to skip school if you leave me alone!”

She reclaimed the laptop, forgot about mopping

In peace she would finish all of her online shopping!


She logged into Amazon, Educents, Timberdoodle

Browsed the selections while she ate snickerdoodles

The children were happy, they thought they had won

But Mama was enjoying a new kind of fun.

Clicking “add to cart” it felt like a game.

As she did so she called them, each item by name!

“Now Sonlight! now, Saxon! now, Life of Fred!

On, Spelling! on, Cursive! on, Math and Phys Ed!

From the virtual cart to my front doorstep, I call

Now come my way! Come my way! Come my way all!”


So up from the warehouse stock shelves they flew,

Onto a truck full of packages for me and for you

And then, just two days later, she heard it so clear

The roar of an engine, the squeal of brakes drawing near

The big truck in her drive, it rolled to a stop

And out of the door, the driver did hop

He was dressed all in brown, from his head to his feet

And his handtruck was stacked with those boxes so neat

He rolled it so swiftly to the front of her door

Then emptied the handtruck and went back for more!

Mama was enchanted by this UPS man

Gallantly delivering next year’s school plan

She signed for her loot, watched him drive out of sight

Then hid all the packages, to open that night


When the kids were tucked in, she unpacked it all

She had to admit, it was quite a haul!

And as she marveled over all she had bought

She was suddenly struck with a new line of thought

“Bring it on, Christmas, with all your festivities

We’ll celebrate now, embrace your activities!

For Christmas comes but once a year

And memories made should be held dear

It’s okay to relax, there’s no better reason

Than the love that’s shared throughout this season

Those stacks of books, surely they can wait until

January brings those long, cold days to fill!

But for now let’s focus on hope, peace, love and light

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

One thought on “T’was the Month of December

  • December 22, 2019 at 1:02 am

    Ha! Loved this and so did the girls, we laughed. Twas great.


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