Trick or Treat Alternatives (Because You Ate All of the Candy)

trick or treat

So you’ve gone and eaten all of the candy you had on hand for the Trick or Treaters. The way I see it, you are now faced with two choices:

1)Turn out the lights and hide under the couch every time the doorbell rings.

2) Find something else to give them.

Here are some ideas for option 2.


Fill some sandwich bags with cereal. If you have the fruity kind, great! Kids love that stuff. If not, bran flakes will do. No matter, really, since their parents aren’t going to let them eat it anyway. Better yet, forget the sandwich bags and just shake some from the box directly into their trick or treat buckets. This will help you stretch it out since most moms will scurry their kids away from taking their turn after you’ve poured out just one batch.

Pet Treats

Little kitty catnip treats are a good choice. After all, they say “treat” right in the name. And the cat goes crazy for them, so they must taste good. But you have a dog, you say? No problem, just break out that box of milk bones. And if you actually get one of those little kids to eat one, you just scored a trick within a treat! Go you!


It’s cold outside, who couldn’t use some soup to warm them? And that candy cauldron is just sitting there, waiting to be filled with something. Since soup is hard to package and will get cold by the time they take it home, just hold it up to their mouths and let them sip it straight from the ladle. Delicious AND Nutritious!


Kids love to get crackers for Halloween. It is a nice change from all of that sweet stuff. Besides, crackers go well with soup. If you don’t have crackers, try croutons instead.

Toilet Paper

You bought that mega pack of toilet paper on the same day you bought the candy, right? So you have enough to give each kid his very own roll. Worried you will run out? No problem. This is a gift that gives back–in the morning, just check your roof, your trees, the mailbox–you’ll find plenty with which to replenish.

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