Top 5 Reasons to Believe in Santa Claus


Are your kids questioning the existence of Santa Claus? Are you?

Here are the top five reasons why I’m still choosing to believe this year.


I saw Santa Claus at Macy’s just after Halloween. He wasn’t sitting in a chair waiting to take pictures with kids, either. He was walking around the store, checking things twice and making sure his mailbox was ready in time for the kids to drop off their letters. I know this is what he was doing because he told me so. And then he gave me a candy cane. It was broken and he apologized. That’s how I know he was the REAL Santa Claus; because he had such good manners.


The “I Believe in Santa Claus” facebook page has over 28,000 likes. Since I only have about 15 facebook friends who believe in me, I’m not one to argue. Plus, everyone knows if you read something on facebook, it must be true.


NORAD – The North American Aerospace Defense Command – tracks Santa’s sleigh as it flies through the air on Christmas Eve. You don’t think the government would waste it’s time tracking things that don’t exist do you?


If you don’t believe in Santa Claus, you won’t get any presents. That’s what my mother always told me anyway. I like presents so I never chanced it. Why would you?


Anyone who has ever seen a child’s face as she opens that hoped for gift on Christmas morning knows that Santa Claus is not only real. He is wonderful.


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