Top 5 Elf on The Shelf Name Ideas

When you adopt an Elf on the Shelf, you get to give him a name. If you’re like me, you will stay up all night thinking of cute Christmasy names you think would be cool for an Elf. And if your kids are like mine, your suggestions will fall on deaf ears and you will wind up with an Elf named Zeus. But since I spent all night coming up with them, I don’t want to waste my Elf name suggestions. Perhaps somewhere out there is a kid with the good sense to recognize a great Elf name when they hear it.


When I was a little girl, I’d go to bed every Christmas Eve and dream about the kitten I’d find under the tree in the morning. She would climb from her gift wrapped box directly into my lap and I would call her Kringle. Well, Santa never brought her and the name went to waste. My kids are lucky they weren’t born in December. Which brings me to…


Why not name your Elf after the greatest month of all, the one month out of the year when he visits. After he returns to the North Pole, you can spend the next 11 months counting down to the arrival of December.

Bijou Sparkly Toes

Last Christmas I typed my name into a Christmas Elf name generator. How exciting to find out my true name is Bijou Sparkly Toes. But it was awkward when I used my Elf name to introduce myself at my husband’s office banquet. So I went back to my boring old moniker and filed Bijou Sparkly Toes away in case I ever needed a cool name for an Elf.


Pfeffernusse are German Christmas cookies. They taste bad, but the name is fun to say! Go ahead say it…Pfeffernusse, Pfeffernusse…you can’t stop can you? Translated to English it means “pepper nuts” (which explains the flavor) but when naming the Elf, I would just go with Pfeffernusse and leave it at that.


Zeus has been with us for four years now and I’ve gotten used to his name. He’s named not after the Greek god, but rather after a Golden Retriever. Not just any old Golden Retriever either, but “The Dog Who Saved Christmas” in the movie of the same name. And since she won’t be getting a puppy under the tree Christmas morning to call Zeus, I think it is a rather cool name for an Elf.

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