New Year’s Eve Celebration Ideas


Hey there, homeschooling friends! New Year’s Eve is almost upon us and here at Ruby Tree Academy we’re planning an epic celebration! Wan to join in the fun? Just check out these time-honored traditions and choose the level of celebration that works best for your family!


Extravagant Celebration Idea: Put the kids to bed and pop open a bottle of Dom Perignon. Pour it into lavish crystal stemware, raise your glasses and toast to prosperity in the year ahead.

Special Celebration Idea: Put the kids to bed and pop open a bottle of White Zinfandel. Pour it into mismatched wine glasses and toast to the New Year with a special prayer that the kids will sleep in long enough for your wine-induced headache to subside.

Reality Celebration Idea: Pop open a bottle of ginger ale. Mix it with fruit punch and pour it into plastic cups. Hope the kids (who are not even close to thinking about sleep) don’t spill it on the carpet.


Extravagant Celebration Idea: Hire a band to play Auld Lang Syne to hundreds of your friends and neighbors.

Special Celebration Idea: Have a sweet, family sing along in honor of the holiday.

Reality Celebration Idea: Watch current pop star lip synch to a song you wish you would never hear again as your toddler goes crazy on her toy xylophone.

Times Square

Extravagant Celebration Idea: Head to Times Square and float on the energy of thousands of revelers in the cold night air of NYC.

Special Celebration Idea: Throw a party complete with holiday-themed food, upbeat music, a balloon drop and confetti.

Reality Celebration Idea: Feed the kids chicken nuggets and then let them bang pots and pans in the backyard.


Extravagant Celebration Idea: Hire a pyrotechnic crew to fire off an elaborate display of festive fireworks.

Special Celebration Idea: Hand out sparklers for everyone to light at midnight.

Reality Celebration Idea: Stand on the porch with glow sticks and a citronella candle (the closest thing to fireworks you could dig out of last summer’s storage).

Ryan Seacrest

Ultimate Celebration Idea: Snuggle under the blankets, “rocking” with Ryan Seacrest and friends. Fall asleep on the couch at 11:30 and wake just in time to see the ball drop, kiss your family members and go to bed.

Is there really any other way to celebrate?

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