New Year, Old Plan

Oh, hello, January. It’s you again, here with all of your promises of fresh starts and new adventures. Well, this year, January, I refuse to be swayed by your charms or lured by visions of a revamped homeschool classroom, a trendy new curriculum or a shaken up schedule. I’m standing firm this year and sticking to the same, boring old thing we’ve been doing since September. Same schedule. Same curriculum. Same kitchen table workspace.

Oh sure, in the past you’ve shown up and led me astray, taking advantage of that post-Christmas lull where all the pretty lights have been dimmed, the flurry of festivity has died down and we’re facing a long stretch of winter doldrums. Wouldn’t the glossy pages of a brand new curriculum brighten things up a bit? Wouldn’t a change of direction be exciting?

No. Nope. Not going to happen. Not this year.

This year, we’re sticking to the plan, digging in our heels and forging ahead – leaving no page unturned, no course book unfinished.

Of course, if something wasn’t really working or the kids weren’t progressing, I’d be more open to changing things up. But for now, things seem to be working fairly well and I can’t help but wonder if that’s because, after all these years, we’ve finally found our groove, or because as those grade levels rise, we’ve grown less concerned about what’s new, fun or exciting and more focused on the end game. Either way, this year, our “new plan” is to stick the old plan.

And maybe staying the course is actually the most exciting direction of all.

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