Homeschool Fun With the Adjective Relay Game

This week in our co-op, our elementary students learned about adjectives and then played the adjective relay game. This is a fun reinforcing activity that is pretty simple to throw together on the night before co-op (because isn’t that when everyone gets around to setting up their lessons? wink). 

Okay, so procrastination jokes aside, this is how to run the adjective relay game:

What you need:

  • 2 sets of different colored post-it notes.
  • 2 copies of a list of things that need to be described.
  • 2 tri-fold boards.

To set up:

  • Create your list of things to be described (choose an adjective to describe a puppy, choose an adjective to describe your friend, an apple, your car, etc.)
  • Go over your list and come up with three or four possible adjectives for each item.
  • Write the adjectives on the post-its (create 2 identical sets, one set for each color).
  • Stick one set to each tri-fold board.

To play:

  • Divide your students into two teams. We used orange and yellow post-its, so our teams were simply called the orange team and the yellow team.
  • Stand you adjective boards next to one another at one side of the room.
  • Give each team a list.
  • Have them race, relay-style to retrieve an adjective on the board for each item on the list.
  • When they bring back an adjective, have them write it next to the item on the list.
  • The first team to complete their list wins.

You can enhance the game aspect by adding prizes or awards for the winning team, but our students enjoyed playing without any incentive at all. This game could surely be adapted to fit other parts of speech and even other subject matter, so get creative and get down to playing.

Happy homeschooling!

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