January Holidays Homeschoolers can Celebrate


Hey, homeschoolers! Looking for an excuse to take a day off in January? Here are five obscure holidays — and fun ways to celebrate them!

Dress Up Your Pet Day

January 14th is Dress up Your Pet Day. The obvious way to celebrate this day would be to dress up your pet. Don’t have a pet? Maybe you can dress up like one instead.  Or maybe the neighbors will let you come over and dress up their Rottweiler.

Ditch Your Resolutions Day

Ditch Your Resolutions Day falls on January 17th. This is another one of those holidays I feel was scheduled badly. I mean, who the heck waits all the way until the 17th to ditch their resolutions?

 National Popcorn Day

National Popcorn Day lands on January 19th. This is good news if you like popcorn. And since you ditched that healthy-eating resolution back on the 17th, well, go ahead and  dive face-first into the popcorn bin on a field trip to the cinema.

Oh please! — Don’t even bother to hold the butter.

Penguin Awareness Day

January 20th is the day to be aware of Penguins. This is not to be confused with “Beware of Penguins,” which is not a holiday yet, but may be in the future. You just never know what those crazy folks at The Obscure Holiday Association are planning.

Anyway, take a moment on January 20th to heighten your  homeschool’s awareness of Penguins. Make sure your friends, family, co-op mates and everyone you encounter on this day is aware of the existence of penguins.

Maybe you should alert the media or write to your local congress-person, too. No one should be left unaware of penguins on Penguin Awareness Day!

Squirrel Appreciation Day

On January 21st, it’s time to appreciate a squirrel. After all of that hard work you did yesterday to raise awareness about penguins, it’s nice to be able to just sit back and appreciate a creature of which people are already cognizant.

So go out in the yard, find yourself a squirrel and tell him how much you appreciate him. I’m going to tell my backyard buddy how much I appreciate him being on my back porch every morning when I take the dog out. After all, there’s nothing like being dragged down the stairs into an all-out morning sprint to really get you going in the morning!

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