How to Host a Homeschool Trunk or Treat


October is upon us and that means Halloween season is in full swing! If you want to celebrate with your co-op or homeschool friends, why not host a homeschool trunk or treat?

What do you need to host a homeschool trunk or treat?  A location, trunks and treats – that’s basically it! (Oh yeah, and you probably need some homeschoolers to do the actual trunk-or-treating, too.)


If you have a co-op that already meets regularly at a location with a parking lot, you can probably just incorporate trunk or treat into your regularly scheduled co-op day.

No co-op? No problem! Look around your neighborhood for possible places to host a trunk or treat. Perhaps your church, library or firehouse would be willing to section off a part of their lot for you to use? Remember, if you will be hosting this during regular school hours, chances are better that some local parking areas will be less busy and more likely to spare some of the space.

You might also ask local business owners to host your trunk or treat event. A coffee shop might be willing to provide you with some parking spaces if they will benefit from homeschool moms purchasing their daily jolt of java during hours that would normally be considered downtime.

Restaurants that don’t normally open until later might host you in the mornings, or businesses that are closed on the day you want to hold your event might be willing to let you use their empty lot for a couple of hours.

Can’t find a public place? Maybe one of your homeschool friend’s has a large driveway or yard space where you can all gather and park.

How to Trunk or Treat

If you’re not sure how trunk or treat works, it’s actually kind of simple. Families who participate decorate their trunks in Halloween style, and then fill them with treats. The cars line up, the kids dress up and instead of going door to door, they walk from trunk to trunk, collecting their candy. It’s a really fun and safe way to do trick or treat, and the best part of it all is that you can turn decorating the trunk into a homeschool project for the whole family.

Need some ideas for trunk or treat decor? Check out this awesome collection of Trunk or Treat Themes.


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