Homeschool Field Trip: The Pumpkin Farm


The hayride, the corn maze, the pumpkin patch…what’s not to love about the pumpkin farm? Homeschoolers can love it even more with these ideas for combining education and fun with a day at the farm.

The Corn Maze

Here’s a fun way to enhance the corn maze experience and encourage a little teamwork. Go through the corn maze ahead of the kids. Plant clues or hide items along the way to turn their corn maze adventure into a sort of scavenger hunt. Tell them they can’t exit unless they have gathered every clue.

Another fun game is to turn the corn maze into a race. Break your group up into two teams. Have one team start at the entrance and the other team enter through the exit. Each team must navigate the maze, but come out at the opposite side of where they came in (so the team who entered through the exit must finish at the entrance). See which team makes it out first.

The Hayride

Have a hayride sing along!  Maybe in your homeschool or co-op, your students are working on memory verses or a song about the season. Or, before field trip day, have them write a song about Autumn, pumpkin facts or things to do on a farm. Once on the hayride, let them show off their knowledge – and their vocal skills with a sing along.

Play a round robin storytelling game.  Start with one sentence about a made-up character who lives on the pumpkin farm and then ask the passenger next to you to make up the next sentence. Keep going from passenger to passenger, each adding a new sentence to the story as you go. Try to oversee things so everyone gets a turn and the story wraps up by the time the hayride does.  Record this game so you can play it back if your students want to elaborate or turn it into a real storybook when you get back home.

The Pumpkin Patch

Before heading into the patch to pick their pumpkins, have kids review some fun and interesting facts about pumpkins, have a lesson on how they grow, or the history of pumpkins, both in agriculture and society.

Plan some fun things to do with the pumpkins they pick, so they can choose the perfect pumpkins for the jobs, such as carving into jack-o-lanterns or using for recipes.

The Farm Animals

Visit a pumpkin farm that includes farm animals such as chickens, pigs, horses and cows. Have the kids research the different animals before your trip, and then observe them on the farm.

A Pumpkin Farm Picnic

A fun idea for a pre-trip, hand-on learning activity is to let your homeschool students plan the group meal. Give them a budget and a few ingredient guidelines and then let them plan, prepare and pack a picnic lunch for the whole group.

What ideas do you have for enhancing the pumpkin farm experience?

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