Homeschool Day in the Life 2018

morning coffee and bible

Inspired by the series over at Simple Homeschool, this is the third installment of Ruby Tree Academy’s A Day in the Life. To see what has changed, check out our days from 2016 and 2017.


I’m up first. Unless one of the dogs wakes first. In the latter case, I am woken by either the sound of canine head-shaking next to my bed or a wet nose on my finger, toe or whatever part of myself I may have mistakenly left uncovered by the blankets. Either way, it’s time to start the day which typically goes like this: prayer, coffee, dogs (walk and feed), work out send memes to friends on the internet. (Some of those memes are hilarious, y’all, so I may have skipped the exercise, but I’m racking up laughter-is the-best-medicine points to count toward the whole healthier lifestyle thing).

Professor Dad is up next and pours his cup of morning motivation into a travel mug. Yes, he still telecommutes, but that trip down the stairs to the basement office can be hazardous with an ordinary old coffee cup. He’s off to work pretty much right away, and I start setting the kitchen table up for our school day.

C is up shortly after, and we have really settled nicely into the routine of working through a good part of her school day before L wakes and is ready to start hers. C starts with whatever subject she chooses, which is usually social studies, followed by math, science, language arts, Spanish and music. She is not taking any formal music lessons this year, but is working through a general music appreciation course for now. These are the core classes she works on daily. She is also is learning cursive and throughout the week we weave in additional lessons in reading comprehension, Bible, art, health and creative writing.

L begins her school day with math (still the bane of her existence, but she fares pretty well in spite of such). Next on the list of “subjects I despise right down to my very soul” category is Physical Science, so she does that next. L is practical that way, working her way from the worst to the best so the hardest part of her day is put to rest as soon as possible. Next up is Ancient Civilizations, French, Language Arts, Health and German. Like her sister, L has this daily checklist of courses with extra reading, art, music and writing mixed in throughout the week.


Somewhere between all of these lessons, afternoon happens. The clock really goes unnoticed until Professor Dad comes up for his lunch break. By this time, C is usually close to finished and L has at least checked off the top two on her most-hated list. We just stop wherever we are and have lunch when Professor Dad does. This works well considering our classroom is in the kitchen. Besides, who can focus on learning when reheated leftovers smell so yummy?

Once Professor Dad heads back to work, I clean up after lunch while the girls pick up where they left off on their lessons. C is usually pretty close to finished by now, so she will complete her list and head up to her room to play while L finishes her day. L works independently, so I will usually spend this time on quiet household chores such as putting away the laundry, prepping dinner ingredients or catching up on Netflix paperwork.

When L is finished, she will likely take a break and play video games for a bit. Both girls have daily chores to complete, as well, but I’d say on a typical day everything is finished with plenty of time to spare before…


The girls stay upstairs doing whatever it is they do up there (I’ve long ago learned that “what is that noise?” is a question better left unanswered) while I cook dinner. Some nights, L cooks, and sometimes C helps me, but most nights, I’m still the head chef. C sets the table, and we time our dinner for when Professor Dad arrives home from his commute up the stairs. After dinner, Professor Dad walks the dogs while C and I clear the table and clean the kitchen. L is off the hook for the moment, but fear not, for she will have  her turn when it’s time to empty the dishwasher (if chores were a subject, this one might land somewhere between math and physical science on the dreaded list).

The rest of the evening is filled with fun stuff like showers, baths and room cleaning. When those are complete we might watch tv or play video games as a family. Or, we might all go to our separate corners and choose our own forms of entertainment. It all depends on the day, I suppose.

All in all, it seems our day in the life hasn’t changed dramatically since last year. I don’t know if that means we’ve finally found our groove and are flowing along nicely, or if it signals the presence of a rut from which we need to break free. I guess I’ll just have to hope it’s the first thing because it’s too late in the year to change  everythi – oh look, a new curriculum!

Check back next week to see if I’ve revamped our entire existence over a shiny new box of resources…


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