Happy Backwards Day!

As homeschoolers, we have the chance to celebrate all of the obscure holidays the public schools don’t acknowledge. January 31st is Backward Day! Not sure how to honor this occasion? Here are five fun ways to celebrate!

Backwards Attire

Wear your shirt backwards. Heck, wear your pants backwards, too. I’d recommend wearing your shoes backwards, but I’m not sure that’s possible. You could wear them on the wrong feet, but there is probably already a “Wear Your Shoes on the Wrong Feet Day.”

Eat Backwards

Pizza for breakfast and pancakes for dinner! Thanks to Backward Day you can revisit the diet routine of your college party days! (Hold the beer funnel, please.)

Walk Backwards

This is especially fun if you head outdoors–in the snow. Make sure you go to the supermarket and walk backwards through the aisles, pulling your cart behind you. Those cardboard display shelves are just begging to be knocked over anyway. Lenny the stock boy will be happy to cut his break short to pick up 58 boxes of toaster tarts…anything to honor Backward Day!

Drive Backwards

Drive in reverse. It may take you longer to get to the big Backward Day party this way, so leave early enough to allow yourself enough time for all the stopping and swerving around all of the people who insist on driving forward. Party poopers!

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