Fairy-Dusted Curriculum

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Good morning, Homeschooling Mama. You didn’t notice the clock change over to morning, did you? Well, it did, more than two hours ago, actually, but you were too engrossed in your research to notice. I know, there is no uninterrupted time during the day and so you have to focus on these things when everyone else is asleep.

And it takes a long time to sift through the seemingly endless choices, the vast array of textbooks, computer programs, online lessons. Not to mention all the reviews, the price comparisons and articles about learning styles. The rabbit hole is deep, Mama, but it’s time to pull yourself out and get some rest because morning is technically here already, and there are precious few hours that remain before your children rise with the sun, ready to start another day of learning with the curriculum you already own. The curriculum you’ve been using all year. The curriculum that’s pretty okay, but not quite perfect, and so you’ve embarked on this midnight journey through dozens of virtual realms in the homeschooling universe in search of a better — no not just better, but the best alternative. The one that checks all the boxes. The one that meets them where they are and takes them where they need to be, all with the turn of a textbook page. The one, perfect curriculum that will sprinkle your homeschool with fairy dust and magically transform your days into extraordinary adventures in life learning.

Go ahead and shut down the search engine, Mama. Turn off that blue light and close your eyes because the only place you may find this perfect curriculum is in those sweet dreams. Rest your weary mind knowing you’ve already done the best you can with yesterday, just as you will do your best today. And as  you drift off to sleep, try and remember why you’re homeschooling in the first place. It’s not really about the curriculum, is it, Mama? It’s about their hearts, their souls, their minds and their spirits. What kind of box or book can hold that which is intended to make those fly?

And if you should awake to find yourself still searching for perfect, Mama, stop and look into the faces of your children. I promise you that is where you will find it.

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