Are You an Umschooler?

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Thanks to some careful consideration, in depth research and intense soul searching (actually, I just took some quiz I saw on facebook), I’ve finally figured out what kind of homeschoolers we are!  Turns out we are absolutely, positively, undoubtedly and indubitably (and maybe even superfluously) umschoolers!

That’s right, I said UMschoolers. Not to be confused with UNschoolers, who actually have a learning style, umschoolers haven’t a clue how to define the way they home educate. Unschoolers may think outside of the box, but umschoolers don’t even know where the box is (and they’re afraid if they find it, someone might ask them to calculate its perimeter).

If you’re wondering if you’re an umschooler, you probably are. Think about it. Everyone else is out there, proudly wearing their homeschool style labels and you’re here wondering if you fit into a category I just made up. As a matter of fact (and by “fact” I mean some crazy homeschooling mom’s opinion), the number one indication of umschoolingness (other than making up words to suit your needs) is that when faced with the question of what kind of homeschooler you are, your first response is “ummm…”

This is often followed by a moment or two (or 87, but who’s counting?) of all out perplexedness as you silently ponder the question:  Homeschooling comes in styles? Yes, my friends, learning at home comes in a variety of styles. So, go ahead and ask yourself, “Ummm…how do I find out my style?”

That’s easy!  You take the facebook quiz! And if your score says you’re a Charlotte Mason homeschooler, and, once again, you find yourself thinking “Ummm….who’s Charlotte Mason?”  well, you get the idea.

So, you google Charlotte Mason, but quickly realize you don’t really follow that method. Then you decide to just go ahead and be an “eclectic” homeschooler. The quiz says eclectic is a combination of all the methods, and that sounds like a much better name than “making-it-up-as-we-go.”  Eclectic it is!  Until you remember back to the first time your mother-in-law visited your newlywed apartment and called your decorating style “eclectic.” But when she said it, her tone totally meant “unorganized, cluttered and not good enough for my son.”

And just like that, you’re back to being an undefined homeschooler. Umm…

Now that we’ve finally figured out our umschooling style, the whole inability to commit or stick to one curriculum thing makes so much sense. I mean, curriculum ends in “um.” It’s just begging us to be indecisive. Right?

One thought on “Are You an Umschooler?

  • January 21, 2017 at 3:15 pm

    I am in this UM space at different stages throughout the year. Well said.


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