About Me

homeschool day planner

Welcome to Rubytree Academy. That’s the official name of our school, I suppose, named for a red maple in our yard. We don’t spend much time schooling under that tree, but Rubytree sounds more sophisticated than Kitchen Table Academy, don’t you think?

I am Christine, headmistress of this homeschool, as well as the executive chef and director of dishwashing. I am the walker of dogs and keeper of the…well, everything.

I’m also a dreamer, a creative insomniac and a lover of the written word. A wife, a mother and a writer who has been abundantly blessed by God.

I’m also a proponent of the homeschooling lifestyle, hopeful you’ll find something here that helps you on your own journey.

So, go ahead and take a look around. I’ll be right here, just writing, or cooking, or picking up after — oh who am I kidding? I’ll be savoring a cup of coffee and scrolling Instagram…