6 Ways to Shake up Your Easter Egg Hunt


Want to put a new spin on your old-fashioned Easter egg hunt? Try one of these fun ideas!

Puzzle Hunt

Take a spring-themed kids puzzle and place one puzzle piece in each egg. Send kids out to find the eggs. Once they have them all, they have to put the puzzle together. You can even make a puzzle out of a personalized photo (or a photo of the Easter Bunny) by enlarging the print, gluing it to cardboard and then cutting it up into puzzle shapes.

Easter Egg Collection Race

Sometimes, instead of hiding the eggs, it can be just as much fun to leave them out in the open and let kids race to see who can collect the most. Scatter the colored, plastic eggs around the party space and have kids gather in a designated starting place. Set a timer for about 20 seconds and say “Bring me back five purple eggs.” Everyone who is back in time with five purple eggs gets to play the next round. The remaining players are out (give them each an Easter treat as a consolation prize). For the next round call out, “Bring me back seven yellow eggs.” Again, all players who return with the requested eggs remain in the game. Keep playing until you are out of eggs or players, whichever comes first.

Egg Scavenger Hunt

This egg hunt is played like a scavenger hunt, where kids are divided into teams and sent out to retrieve the specific eggs on their list. To organize this scavenger egg hunt, make lists for each team that reads something like this (your lists will vary according to the designs of eggs you use)

  • Five pink eggs.
  • Two blue eggs.
  • One glitter egg.
  • One yellow egg.
  • Two striped eggs.

Hide the eggs you have listed and when it is time for the hunt, give out the lists, and see which team is the first to return with a completed list.

Scrambled Word Eggs

Type up the following message for the kids, “THERE IS STILL A PRIZED EGG TO BE FOUND.” Space the letters out so that they can stand alone when you cut them into individual letters. Place one letter in each egg. Scatter the eggs around the lawn, but don’t hide them. Then take one egg that is somehow different from the rest (such as much larger, covered in glitter, more brightly colored or a unique design). Fill that egg with a scrambled clue (typed in a scrambled way) to the location of a prize (this can be something like hidden Easter baskets or a carton of chocolate eggs). Hide the special egg so kids will have to search for it.

When they gather the ordinary eggs from the lawn, have them open them up and put the scrambled letters together to read the message. Then, when they find the prized egg, they will have to unscramble the words to the clue to find their prize.

Freeze Hunt

This is just a fun way to spruce up an ordinary egg hunt. As the kids hunt for eggs, play some music. Every time the music stops, the kids must freeze in place and wait for the music to start again before resuming their egg hunt.

Reverse Egg Hunt

After the kids have completed their egg hunt, have them each take six eggs, write their names on them, and hide them. Once they are hidden, the adults have to go hunt for them. The child whose egg is the last one to be found is the winner.

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