5 Ideas for Autumn Homeschool P.E.


One of the perks of homeschooling is not having to attend those dreaded P.E. classes in the school gymnasium. Where we live, the homeschool laws do require we include P.E. in our curriculum, but thankfully it doesn’t dictate how to do so. So, whenever we can, we take advantage of the great outdoors to get our bodies moving and rack up those activity hours. And whenever we do so, we try to make it fun, by choosing an activity we already love, or making a fun game of it.

If you’re looking for some fun ways to take advantage of those beautiful Autumn days while checking a subject off of your to-do list, try some of these simple ideas for outdoor homeschool P.E.

Leaf Raking (and Pile Jumping)

You can’t beat this idea for combining fall chores with fun, physical activity. Have your kids rake leaves for at least 30 minutes of activity. Once they have created a large pile, the fun kicks in when they run and jump into that colorful, crunchy mound! Want to amp up the fun factor just a bit? Have them rake their leaves to form a pile at the bottom of your backyard slide, then slide on down into it!

Nature Hike

Is there a better time to walk through the woods – or through a tree-lined neighborhood – than Fall? Take a break from the bookwork and get in some P.E. time with a brisk walk in the crisp Autumn air. Make it a nature hike by collecting leaves and acorns along the way, or bring a nature journal and camera to record the things you see.

Pumpkin Bowling

Homeschoolers love to multitask, and this activity combines playtime with a craft and exercise. For the craft, have the kids turn empty soda bottles into decorative bowling pins (break out the craft paint!). Challenge them to decorate their bowling pin bottles with an Autumn theme. Remove the stem from a pumpkin (choose a well-rounded one) and use it as the bowling ball for your game. Keep score just as you would a standard game of bowling and before you know it, a fun, sports-inspired P.E. session will be in full swing!


Biking is commonly associated with summertime, but this great exercise is surely better enjoyed in the early days of Fall. With comfortable temperatures and brilliant scenery, a bike ride is one of the best ways to get in that daily exercise. Of course, this may be best practiced in the early days of fall, while those colored leaves are still on the trees above. Once they fall, conditions can become slippery, so be wary before heading out to pedal on leaf-covered surfaces.

Autumn Relay Races

If you belong to a co-op, have some homeschool friends to invite over or are simply from a large homeschooling family, you can arrange an afternoon of fun, fall-themed relay racing. Some ideas for relay races include:

  • Candy corn on a spoon race.
  • Pumpkin broom race (kids race to push pumpkins from start to finish, using only a broom to do so).
  • Wheelbarrow races.
  • Leaf pile races (which team will be the first to move the leaf pile from one place to another?)
  • Scarecrow races (kids take turns dressing like a scarecrow to run this race).

Do you have any awesome ideas for fall homeschool P.E.? We’d love to hear them! Please leave a comment.

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