25 April Fool’s Day Pranks for Family-Friendly Fun

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It’s almost April Fool’s Day! Whether you want to prank your kids or help them prank others, these ideas are all harmless, family-friendly, fun to execute and hilarious to watch unfold!

Household Prank Ideas:

When the kids are sleeping, you can stage a few pranks that will start the April Foolery off from the moment they wake on the morning of April 1st.

  • Dye the Faucet Water: Place an Easter egg coloring tab into the nozzle of the faucet so the first morning spray of water will come out green, blue, orange or the color of your choice. Use the whole packet to make a different color in every faucet in the house.  Add more tablets to the toilet tanks and kids will also get a colorful surprise when they flush.
  • Upside Down Prank: Walk around your home and turn everything you possibly can upside down. Got wall hangings such as artwork, framed photos or sconces? Hang them upside-down. Flip over floor lamps, decorative accents and small pieces of furniture. Dress your dining table in an upside-down tablecloth and top it with overturned plates and cups (empty ones, of course).
  • Remote Control Settings: Change the setting on the television’s remote control. Set it to block out all of their favorite channels and only turn on to home shopping or news channels. Another idea is to change the language settings so that the television only plays with foreign language captions. You can also cover the sensor with a piece of tape or remove the batteries so the remote doesn’t work at all.
  • Rearrange Things: Switch their clothing dresser drawers so nothing is in the right place. Change the hanging contents of one child’s closet with that of another’s. Move things around in the kitchen and bathroom cupboard so they have to search for items they use every day. Switch their blankets with one another while they are sleeping. When they wake they will wonder why they have their siblings’ covers. If they are small children and deep sleepers, you could even move them into each other’s beds. If you’re feeling extremely ambitious, you can even push the sofa into the dining room and the dining set into the living room.
  • Balloon in the Toilet: Place a helium-filled balloon in the toilet and put the lid down. When your child lifts the lid, the balloon will float out and surprise him.
  • Decorate for Christmas: Put up the Christmas tree, break out the Halloween hauntings or decorate for any holiday from another time of the year.
  • Change the Clocks: Move the clocks ahead an hour and wake them up in a panic about being late. Once they’ve rushed through the morning routine, reveal the prank and let them spend the extra hour doing something fun.

Food Pranks:

Trick the kids at meal times with some of these funny food ideas:

  • Grilled Cheese Sandwiches: Imagine their surprise when they bite into these grilled cheese sandwiches only to discover they are actually made out of pound cake and tinted frosting.
  • Meatloaf cupcakes: If they have the pound cake grilled cheese for dinner, it’s only fitting to serve meatloaf cupcakes for dessert, right?
  • Mashed potato ice cream sundae: Here’s another option in the savory food disguised as dessert theme. This syrup-topped sundae is actually mashed potatoes with gravy.
  • Jello Juice: Make red jello in clear drinking glasses. Put them on the table at dinner time. Watch the kids try to drink this “undrinkable” juice.
  • Cream Cheese Sandwich Cookies: If you like to eat the cream out of the cookies, this prank is probably for you. Carefully twist apart the sandwich cookies and remove the cream. Replace the filling with a dollop of cream cheese and then put the cookies back together.
  • Balloon Cake: Blow up a balloon. Tape it to a piece of cardboard. Frost the whole thing and decorate it with sprinkles. When it’s time for dessert, ask for a volunteer to cut the cake. When that person sticks the knife in, the balloon will pop, surprising everyone. Make sure to supervise the child with the knife to prevent injury.

Pranks the Kids Can Play on Others

If your kids ask you for prank ideas, here are some you can help them play on others.

  • Put a sign on Mom or Dad’s car, asking other drivers to honk and wave at them.
  • Tie tin cans and a “Just Married” sign on parents’ car.
  • Pin all of Dad’s socks together in the drawer so when he pulls one out, they all come out.
  • Glue a coin to the floor and watch as others try to pick it up.
  • Change the ring tone on someone’s cell phone to a silly or embarrassing song.
  • Remove the lids from daily-use squeeze bottle products such as shampoo or ketchup. Place a small layer of cellophane wrap over the opening and return the lid to the bottle.
  • Wrap the kitchen sink hose sprayer with a rubber band so it is stuck “on.” When Mom turns the water on, expecting it to come out of the faucet, the hose will spray her instead.
  • Sneak plastic insects into siblings’ lunch boxes.
  • Remove the mail from the mailbox and then fill it with shaving cream. When Mom or Dad comes home, they will be reach in and find a foamy surprise.
  • Paint over an entire bar of soap with clear nail polish. When someone tries to use it, they will wonder why it will not lather.
  • Gift wrap household items like counter appliances, the computer monitor or the remote control. The more things they gift wrap, the more that has to be “opened” in order to use.
  • Stage a water balloon ambush. Fill a bucket with water balloons, head outside and wait to attack older siblings, mom, dad or anyone who comes home later than the attackers.


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