20 Creative Writing Prompts for Christmas


Break out those Christmas journals and get into the holiday spirit with these Christmas creative writing prompts! Want to share your work? We’d love to see your writing-prompt inspired short story in the comments!

  1. You are baking your favorite Christmas cookies with a recipe that is supposed to yield three dozen cookies. But, somehow, no matter how many dozen you bake, the batter never runs out. What do you do?
  2. If you could remove one Christmas song from existence, which would it be and why?
  3. You wake up in the middle of the night and find Santa taking a nap on your sofa. Describe the scene and what happens next.
  4. You wake up on Christmas morning and find one of Santa’s reindeer, stranded on your roof. How did it get there and what will you do now?
  5. You’re playing around in the yard when you think you hear someone talking, but there is no one around but you and the snowman you built earlier in the day. Could it be that your snowman can talk?
  6. You’ve been granted $5,000.00 to spend on Christmas shopping. What would you buy with the money?
  7. You are one of Santa’s elves. Describe a typical day in the life at The North Pole.
  8. Describe the best Christmas feast ever.
  9. It’s Christmas Eve, the stores are closed and your tree is bare. You lost your box of ornaments and you have to decorate the tree before midnight. You are forced to just use items from around the house. Describe your tree.
  10. Your Gingerbread House just won first place in the “most unique” decorating contest. Describe your winning design.
  11. If you could be a new character in any holiday movie or tv special, who would you be? Give your character a name and tell what role he or she would play in the story.
  12. What is your favorite holiday tradition and why?
  13. What is your least favorite holiday tradition and why?
  14. Write a letter to Santa asking him to give three things to someone else. Who would you choose and what would you request on their behalf?
  15. It feels like you are awake, but you must be dreaming because you suddenly find yourself as a contestant in one of those holiday baking competition shows – and you don’t know how to bake. Tell how you fake your way through at least one round of the contest.
  16. You are Christmas caroling, door-to-door, with a group of friends when your favorite musician answers one of the doors. What happens next?
  17. You’ve pulled the name of your arch-nemesis out of the Secret Santa gift exchange. What do you give to the person you dislike the most?
  18. You wished and wished for a puppy, but you wake up Christmas morning to find Santa left a pet chicken for you under the tree. What do you do?
  19. It’s midnight. You are hungry. You sneak downstairs and notice Santa didn’t come yet. You eat the cookies you left for him. You go to refill the plate and realize there are no more cookies. What do you leave for him instead?
  20. You wake up and sneak downstairs to try and catch Santa in the act. But instead you find The Easter Bunny putting your gifts under the tree. What is he doing there and where is Santa?

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