20 Creative Writing Prompts for Autumn


Looking for some Autumnal inspiration in your homeschool? From harvest to Halloween, we’ve got creative writing prompts to keep the creativity flowing all season long!

  1. You’re at a pumpkin farm with friends. You hear something rustle in the pumpkin patch and wander off to see what it is. Describe what you find. What happens next?
  2. You and some friends get lost in a corn maze. The farm closes, unaware that you are still in there. You have to spend the night.
  3. Come up with  five “out of the box”  things you can do with apples.
  4. Which fall color is your favorite and why?
  5. You’re a photographer who has to capture the best fall landscape picture for a magazine. What would you photograph and why? Describe your photo so readers can see it in their minds.
  6. You are an autumn leaf, falling from a tree. Write a poem about the experience.
  7. Draw a jack-o-lantern. Give it a name. Pretend it can talk. Write a conversation you might have with it.
  8. Student has powers in the fall to change colors, grow pumpkins, etc.
  9. You wake up in the night, look outside and see scarecrows throwing a party. Describe the scene.
  10. You wake up in the morning and find the leaves have turned purple, blue, white and pink instead of orange, yellow and red. Describe the scene. Tell about your reaction. Tell a story about what caused it.
  11. You’re on a hayride that takes an unexpected turn into an enchanted forest. Describe what you see. What happens next?
  12. You rake a bunch of leaves into a pile and go to bed. When you wake up, the leaves have scattered and spelled out a word across the lawn. What does it say? What do you think it means? How did the word get there? You rake it back up, but the next day there is another word. The leaves are trying to spell out a message. Continue….
  13. Write a poem about jumping into a giant pile of leaves.
  14. Describe your favorite Autumn activity. What do you like so much about it? Describe any sights, sounds, smells and how it makes you feel.
  15. You’re about to leave for the Halloween party when your costume gets caught on the stair rail and completely unravels. You only have five minutes to come up with a new costume, using items you have in the house. Describe your new costume.
  16. It’s Halloween night. You and your friends have always been afraid of the creepy house on the corner of the dead end street. For some reason, you are feeling brave and decide to walk up and knock on the door. What happens next?
  17. You come home from trick or treating and start to sort your candy when you realize all of the wrappers have strange messages written on them. What do they say and what do you do next?
  18. A black cat follows you home on Halloween. You leave it outside, but when you wake in the night, it is standing on your chest. It looks you in the eyes and just when you are about to scream, it talks to you. What does it say? What happens next?
  19. You wake up at midnight on Halloween and discover you’ve turned into a Halloween creature (a scarecrow, zombie, skeleton, vampire, etc.) What do you do?
  20. You keep eating your Halloween candy, but your bucket never seems to empty. As a matter of fact, every time you eat one piece, two more pieces appear in its place. What is happening? What do you do?

Do you have any ideas for Fall writing prompts? We’d love to see them! Please leave a comment to share.

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