15 Winter Writing Prompts


Got the winter blues? Suffering from homeschool cabin fever? Write away the doldrums with these creative writing prompts for winter.


  1. Imagine you could hibernate for the winter like a bear. Describe how you would prepare, what your hibernation “den” might look like, and what you would most like and dislike about hibernating.
  2. Come up with a new winter sport or outdoor game. Describe the game play, rules, etc.
  3. Write a poem where the first word in each line begins with the letters S-N-O-W-F-L-A-K-E-S
  4. You’re playing around in the yard when you think you hear someone talking, but there is no one around but you and the snowman you built earlier in the day. Could it be that your snowman can talk?
  5. You are a musher dog on a sledding team. Describe a day in the life from your point of view.
  6. Imagine you suddenly find yourself as an unwitting participant in The Polar Bear Plunge. Describe the situation.
  7. You’re lost in forest during a snowstorm. What do you do?
  8. Tell about your favorite way to spend a snow day.
  9. Describe your favorite winter treat.
  10. Sledding down a hill, you approach a large mound of snow. You think you will crash into it, but instead, your sled glides right through it. When you come out on the other side, you find yourself in a mystical land. Describe what you see and what happens next.
  11. Write a winter-themed haiku.
  12. If you had the power to make it snow, how and where would you use it?
  13. List your top ten favorite things about winter.
  14. List your top ten least favorite things about winter.
  15. Make up a fictional character named Winter. This can be a person or an animal. Describe some of Winter’s character traits and how he/she got the name Winter.

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