10 Creative Writing Prompts for Spring


Springtime is all about new beginnings. Perhaps some of these writing prompts will inspire your homeschoolers to begin something new of their own. Maybe a nature journal, an art journal, a short story or even a novel – April is NanoWriMo after all…

  1. You’re outside reading a story when a butterfly lands on the open pages. The butterfly begins reading one of the lines from your book aloud. What happens next?
  2. Spring brings many creatures out into the woods that were hunkered down through winter. This year, when the animals return, there is something very different about them. Describe what it is and tell a story about how the changes affect things.
  3. Write a story about the first day of Spring after a 10-years-long year winter finally subsides.
  4. Make a list of awesome April Fool’s Day pranks. Or, write a short story about an April Fool’s prank gone awry.
  5. Write a haiku in the theme of Springtime rain.
  6. Spring is a time for gardening. Write about the most unique type of garden you can imagine.
  7. Pick up a few paint chip samples in colors that remind you of spring. Change the names of the colors to ones you created.
  8. Pretend that Spring is running against Fall to be voted the best season of the year. Write a dialogue of a debate between the two.
  9. Spring is the season when we celebrate Earth Day. Imagine if you had to leave Earth to make your home on a new planet, but could only bring three things with you. Tell what you would bring and why.
  10. Invent a new Spring cleaning product. Give your product a name, and write a slogan and advertisement to convince people to buy it.

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